Sell more and outshine your competition!

Provide an extra value to your service, and have us address property conditions before you list your property online. It is the vital first step before showcasing the house.

Let’s explore the opportunity of working together to sell more properties and lower your record for days on the market. My work as a Certified Staging Professional ® is to help the buyer realize and secure the most equity possible. So let the homeowner feel taken care of, while you focus your energy on other aspects of the sale. 

Don’t trust your listings to someone not trained to support and help you. Not only do I have decades of interior design experience, my designation offers quantifiable evidence that I have received education and training specifically in real estate staging. My skills and abilities have been validated by a credible third party. 

Don't you want to put yourself in the best possible position to sell fast while you earn more? Call Showcase by Essex Designs for a consultation to identify areas where a seller might be leaking equity, and outshine your competition.