What is your typical process for staging?


At this meeting, I will survey the property for repairs and updates, set a  budget and timelines are discussed. Most consultations take 1-2 hours. You will come away with a detailed list of work that you can do yourself, hand over to your handyman or contractor.  

You can also hire us to expedite the rest of the job saving you time and money. 


I gather all the labor and materials needed to stage your home. We then finalize the budget and contract.


A full day when furniture gets rearranged or delivered, art gets hung and accessories are strategically placed.

Your property will have added polish and style so that it is ready for showcasing for the opening, and photo ready for your online listing. 


When your property is sold, furniture and accessories get picked up. Time to party and celebrate!


How long does it take to stage a house?

This depends on how much repairs and updates need to be done. Plan on a couple of months for minor repairs, clean, refinish floors, paint, furniture and accessory rental.


So you just decorate right?

We do more than that. In order to properly stage a property we need to address a few other things like:

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Clean interior floor, walls, windows, kitchen and bathroom
  • Remove and or rent furniture
  • Curb appeal - mow lawns, power wash exterior, trim greenery
  • Brighten with paint and new light fixtures